Vern Vokus At Labor For Hire

Vern Vokus –  CEO/ Chairman

Vern’s 30+ years of expertise, specific to the temporary labor industry, presented him with opportunities to successfully bring growth and strength to several staffing companies. In six short years (1993 to 1998), he was able to increase Spartan Premier Staffing’s gross revenue by 385%. Vern recognized the need for a temporary staffing company that could set itself apart from others. In 1998, he founded Labor For Hire by acquiring a small company and within a few short years, Labor For Hire’s gross revenue increased from 1 million to 36.5 million. Vern continuously guides the company’s growth by exploring new branch openings and acquisition opportunities, and expanding the company’s brand to include skilled labor. Even during the market slump in 2009, with Verns carefully selected, experienced and dedicated management staff, he was able to ensure that the company stayed on track with its visions and goals. Mr. Vokus projects immediate and ongoing growth due to the current management teams strength and expertise in the workers comp arena and within the industry. Contact Vern & Labor For Hire 

Labor For Hire CFO & COO

Mirto Vigoa – President/CFO

Mirto has over 25 years of experience and accomplishments in senior management, specific to the temporary labor industry, and extensive experience in private accounting in the construction industry. Mirto oversees the company’s credit and collections department and he plays a key role in safeguarding the financial security of the company. His strength in budgeting/forecasting and business/strategic planning, along with his concentration on both long and short term financial objectives of the company, has been key in the company’s success at meeting its financial goals. Additionally, Mr. Vigoa has extensive training and involvement in workers’ comp policy negotiation and claims supervision, contract negotiations, and cash and asset management. By working side-by-side with the CEO and management team, he helps to ensure that Labor For Hire continues to meet and exceed all companywide goals. Contact Mirto & Labor For Hire

David Wessin

David Wessin – Vice President of Safety

David has served in the field of health and safety for over 35 years. He has chaired and served, on various safety and health committees on a local and national level. He created the Safety Alliance for Excellence (SAFE) in 2012, a grassroots safety organization and serves as an Ambassador through their Alliance with OSHA. In addition, David created Safety & Risk Advisors to provide consulting and training services to clients. David’s past work history includes; serving as the Vice President of Loss Prevention for the largest construction firm in Florida; as well as serving on a crane task force and serving as Safety Director for the largest crane companies in Florida. David  is now Vice President of Safety & Risk ( A Tower Eight Staffing owned company) where he created, and manages our safety services division. David has also participated in the AGC CSEA competition several times, and won first place several years ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He now serves as judge for this national competition. In addition, David created Safety & Risk Advisors to provide consulting and training services to clients and for the past 15 years has published the Weekly Review newsletter, that contains the top EHS news headlines.

Regional Manager Labor For Hire

Rafael Gomez – Regional Manager / Sales

Rafael has over 20 years of branch and regional management experience, specific to the temporary labor industry, and several years of regional management and sales experience within the retail industry. Rafael started with Labor For Hire in 1998 and quickly became one of the company’s most consistent performers. Initially as sales manager he had an impressive success rate, which prompted a quick promotion to branch manager. He is now responsible for managing our Lake Worth branch, which services the Palm Beach region. For over 15 years, Mr. Gomez has successfully operated our Lake Worth branch with a passion for success and dedication to the company’s financial goals as well as his support staff. Under Rafael’s management, our Lake Worth branch has seen consistent and strong sales and maintained an impressive amount of dedicated staff and workers.  Many of the workers have been with Rafael for over 10 years. We take pride in the fact that Rafael handles most any situation with quick and fair results, benefiting both the worker and the company. He has had extensive training and involvement in sales and operations management, risk and safety training and development, as well as employee relations, purchasing, and budgeting and forecasting. Contact Rafael & Labor For Hire

Miami Labor For Hire Regional Manager

Rene Gonzalez – Miami Regional Manager

Rene is currently responsible for the total operations and sales for the Miami Region. Rene’s leadership and proven sales abilities quickly benefited the company and the Miami branch has seen impressive growth with sales figures consistently increasing under his leadership. Because of his passion and history of success, Rene has helped build the Miami branch into a top performer within the company. Contact Rene & Labor For Hire

Labor For Hire Branch Manager

Carlos Font – Hollywood Branch Manager

Carlos Font embodies a true success story in the staffing industry. Carlos started with Labor for Hire in 2010 as a skilled laborer and quickly moved up the ladder to become the youngest and one of the most successful branch managers on our South Florida team. Carlos has over 15 years of branch management experience that we are proud to benefit from. His ability to combine his hands on approach to success as well as strong work ethics creates profitable and strong client relationships. Carlos consistently brings profitable gross margins while hitting his yearly budget time and again. He takes personal satisfaction from building strong client and team relationships creating the “win win” that is often spoken about but rarely achieved. Contact Carlos & Labor For Hire

Marion Lamb

Marion Lamb – Northern Regional Manager

Marion came to us with over 7 years of construction/restoration staffing experience. Developing long lasting business relationships backed by unrivaled service is one of Marion’s best assets. He has opened over 20 staffing offices throughout the eastern United States and trained and developed numerous professionals within the staffing industry. His ability to successfully provide labor staffing during large disaster situations makes him the perfect fit for our company. He has quickly proven himself to be a valuable asset to Labor for Hire. We are proud to have awarded him top sales performer in 2016. Marion has a Bachelor in Business Management degree from Shaw University and served our country in the Marine Corp. Contact Marion & Labor For Hire